About Cerimonia Rentals

Cerimonia Rentals (CR) is Riyadh’s first online marketplace for rentals of weddings and events. We deliver various items on rent such as indoor and outdoor weddings furniture, events furniture and production support, party furniture’s, transportation, natural and artificial flowers, exhibition furniture, tents and marquees, audio visuals, cameras, lenses, etc.

The Mission of Cerimonia Rentals

Cerimonia Rentals is founded and led by the team of professionals, dedicated to make the renting process a happy experience for it’s customers.

Why to Choose
Cerimonia Rentals

Commitment - The first priority

We are committed to deliver the right services and solutions to our customers as per demand.

Quality of delivery

From designing, manufacturing event rentals to handling customer queries, we promise to deliver highest level of quality in all that we do.

Caring for Relationship

We are focused on building and nurturing endearing relationships with all our partners to provide better value to the market.

Reliability of service

We are focused on delivering what we promise, giving equal importance to every detail so that our product and services create unmatched value for you.

Offering genuine value for investment

We are dedicated to deliver services at the best possible rates so that you get the most out of your investment.

Offering cutting edge solutions

We are committed to offer the latest in terms of technology, ideas and expertise so that you stay ahead of your competition.

Openness to feedback

We take feedback seriously as opportunities to improve our offerings and foster a culture of growth and trust.

Collaboration for better value

We believe in collaborating with our partners and taking their suggestions into account to provide the best value for partnership and build lasting relationship